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SEO company kent Google
SEO company kent Google
How long does it take to rank a website?

Timelines depend on the current situation of the website and the content. Typically a well performing website with good content can begin ranking in Google within 1-2 weeks.

Our typical clients tend to lean toward 3-4 weeks though due to the optimisations and technical foundation works needed up front.

With local SEO in Maidstone, Kent we focus on localised keywords and phrases to start with that will help generate more localised business but in volumes. 

To find out more about your website and project please get in touch

What companies do you manage SEO for?
Our SEO in Maidstone, Kent ranges from ecological recycling clients, to beauticians plumbers and electricians. But we offer SEO around the UK too.
Are SEO services worth it?

SEO services in localised areas allow your business to gain more visibility and attract new clients through Google. SEO in Maidstone is no different and can add huge value to the direction of tyour business.

Our SEO services allow you to gain better traction and visilbity within your target audience and localised province.

Do you work with clients outside of the Maidstone?
At Zatheo our services are not just restricted to local provinces in Maidstone, Kent. In fact we work with clients up and down the UK to fulfil SEO, Web Design and digital marketing services.

We focus in on Maidstone, Ashford, Canterbury and Folkestone as these are close to our hearts and where we live.

How does SEO and PPC work together?

If you are wondering how SEO and PPC work together then you probably have been misguided already. 

SEO or search engine optimisation is all about optimising your business visibility in search engines. 

There is definately a split with Organic search and Paid search, but Paid or PPC campaigns still require optimisations to work in the best possible way. 

Paid campaigns bring a surge of clients based on keywords and raise awareness of your brand quicker, but this ultimately feeds into your SEO reach and awareness. 

What if we have a limited budget, will you still work with us?

Our mindset is that we want to work with ambitious clients with serious intent for their business.

If you are ambitious but initial cashflow and investment is an issue do not hesitate to still contact us as we can still help you.

Let us know what your budget is for SEO and your requirements we can look at commercials to see if we are a good fit.

If we know the budget, we can advise the best way of spending your money. 


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