Brand Development & Digital Transformation

Unique luxury meals and food delivered fresh and direct to your door step

Wildbanks is a luxury private catering business, providing private catering for events and private parties. Wildbanks have also found a unique spot in their local market that allows them to provide luxury food hampers and meals that can be cooked at home with high quality ingredients and recipes.

Wildbanks approached Zatheo and Peak Agency to work together on bringing their brand to life in an e-commerce website, so they could expand their operation and be found by their clientel.

Client Wild Banks
Industry Private Catering/Food
Services Branding/Digital Transformation
Website www.wildbanks.com


Delivering restaurant quality meals to your door step for a romantic night in

In order to present the Wildbanks brand to the right audience we performed extensive research into the local area, target audience and competitors to ensure our positioning matched the requirements.