BER Assessors

Branding and Logo Design


BERAA (BER Assessors Association of Ireland) was formed in 2009, shortly after the launch of the BER program in Ireland. BERAA is a voluntary organisation – it has an Annual General Meeting each year which elects officers to run the association activities for the upcoming year. The primary objective of BERAA is to represent the interests of its Members in ongoing dialogue with SEAI and other stakeholders. BERAA is committed to informing its Members of any impending changes in relevant legislation or work practices, and to ensuring that its Members receive necessary briefings/training as needs arise.

Our Mission was to build a brand position that puts BER in a professional field and mindset to propel moving forward and represents their vision of renewalable energy for the future. 

Our Approach

We started by looking at the industry and what BEr stands for and whats important to them. Renewable energy, our immediate research looked into renewable signs and how we could implement a cross functional brand. 

We decided the infinity symbol is exactly what we were after and what we wanted to bring to the branding. Combining this with the B for BER and overlaying the colours that are relevant to renewable energy we felt we found a good balance. 

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